Kids Birthday Party – Polar Express

With Halloween and mid-term break over, it is time to get busy planning kids birthday party.


Each year, the kids share the same party, as they always went to the same class and had the same friends. It was never even an issue as they were just happy to have all their friends at their party, until this year …

Now when they have started school, they seem to be much more aware of their own gender and have been pushing for their own gender specific parties. I did think about it briefly but logistically, i just didn’t know if/ how it was going to work. Besides, i am not really into gender specific themed parties …. ( could write an entire post about that, but not right now.)

Anyway, after hours of to and fro, we decided to have a polar express party onboard a nearby vintage  steam train and make a visit to santa. With the theme sorted, it was time to do some planning.

Welcome onboard the polar express !

polar express concept 1

I still have a couple of weeks until THE day. Fingers crossed it will be huge success ! Will keep you all posted.

For all links, credits and more inspiration, please visit our Polar Express Pinterest board.


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