Cooking With Kids – Fish Cakes

The kids are pretty good eaters and I always try to make a little bit extra, in case it isn’t enough for them. However, I hate throwing away food so i tend always try to utilise what may be left over for another meal.

This afternoon, we had grilled salmon, boiled potatoes, asparagus and hollandaise sauce for lunch. We ate pretty much everything but since DH wasn’t around, we did have a little bit of salmon and potatoes left.

In the evening, thinking about dinner, the choice was obvious. We’d make fish cakes.

(I made these myself today, as kids trashed their room earlier today and were tidying up, but normally they love helping me with making them.)


1. Mash up boiled potatoes

2. Mix in grilled salmon

3. Add some grated cheese if available (and some grated root vegetables if you wish)

4. Season.

5. Make into little patties.

6. Cover with egg, flour and then bread crumbs.

7. Fry in hot shallow pan with butter and olive oil.

8. Ready to be plated and served.

* I served mine with a few of kids favourite things. Greek yoghurt, cucumber and     pomegranate.


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