Polar Express Party

The little ones had their first proper birthday party yesterday. Normally, we only have a small party for them but this year we decided to arrange a bigger one to celebrate their 6th birthday.

The theme: Polar express.

Location: Party loft (Cirencester)

Dress Code: Strictly pyjamas only.

Invitations were all sent out beginning of last week, including a little note asking everyone not to bring a present but if they wish, they could help the kids “adopt” their animals of choice through WWF. DS chose to  adopt a tiger. DD, a snow leopard. Find out more about how to adopt an animal here.


There was a real sense of excitement in the air at the party and all the kids just looked adorable in their PJ’s.

Well, of course, we were not on a real train but we did, as well we could, to help them imagine that we actually were on the polar express. We had a “real” conductor, as  well as train tracks on the floor …

Kids made their own train tickets and were asked to board the carriage and were treated to a fantastic puppet show by Mr Brown’s Pig.

Santa came for a surprise visit and gave out presents to all the kids that were on his good boys and girls list. (We prefer to give out some sort handmade or crafted item instead of the usual plastic toys and trinkets one tends to get in goodie bags. Last year we gave out a  bunch of really cute sock monsters, the year before we had made felt art-wallets. This year t-shirts with bespoke print. )

POLAR BLOG 2 copy-1

Snack time. Sandwiches, treats and chocolate milk.


Cake time ! (More about mine and husbands bake-off in the next post.)



All in all. Fantastic party. We all had lots fun. Next year they will be 7 ! Can’t really believe how quickly this is all going …. all too quickly.

PS. Through the kindness and generosity of their friends (parents), kids managed to raise £270 for WWF. That is in animal adoption term, 3,5 years each @ £3 a month ! Much longer lasting than most toys they would have received …

Invitations and t-shirt artwork by Sassaby.


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