Home Made Thank You Cards

After arranging birthday party invitations, comes arranging the party it-self and after that comes arranging thank you card and that should be it until next year.

Since it is the kids actual birthday tomorrow, the only chance of actually getting them done before the end of the week was today.

So, we had a rummage through the office to see what we could find.

Some card paper, old magazines, stickers, crayons, a couple of rubber stamps and some scissors and we set about getting our cards made.


Kids drew a crown and some stars (tried to convince them to draw something train related, in theme with polar express party they just had,  but they didn’t want to. )

Then they found some images they liked in the magazines, cut them out and stuck them down with their stickers. DD also found a label from the party that she decided to stick on. (Best to do this on an A4 sheet as looks better once the size gets reduced later.)

Job done. Time to take it to the photocopier.

Set the photocopier size to copy 4 images on 1 page. Load the image twice and press print. Out comes an A4 sheet with 2 images on one side of page and blank on the other. Cut in 2 halves, fold in middle. Job done.

Finish with stamping on the front with rubber stamps. We used a “thank you” one and a heart.


We also printed on the inside of card a little message for their little friends thanking them for coming to the party and to thank them for their contributions towards the kids adoption fund. (Kids decided to adopt a tiger resp. a snow leopard through WWF this year, instead of getting presents. )

Very easy to make and much more fun and personal than store-bought cards I think.

Kids really enjoyed making them and it was relatively mess-free too !

Perhaps we should make some Christmas cards next ….


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