Summer-time in Courchevel

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Courchevel in the summer ?? Really ? But it is a ski-resort and there is no snow there, is there ?? NO, that’s the whole point ! The mountains are wonderfully green and covered with the most beautiful wild flowers and berries ! The scenery is absolutely stunning and there is plenty to do for LOs (and Big Ones too ) without having to freeze their little hands and feet off !

However, getting there is a bit tricky. There are a few options, you can fly to either Lyon or Geneva which are the main airports nearby and then drive there or alternatively, you can drive there like we did. Approximate distance: 700 miles…..  !!! I did dread the long drive with 2 toddlers in tow but actually, it went rather smoothly and wasn’t as bad as feared at all. It was all thanks to good timing and to modern technology (ie. I-Pad, PSP, Nintendo DS etc)……. Leaving the time we did (after lunch), means that the LOs were due their afternoon nap, so pretty much slept all the way from London to Euro-tunnel.  And after that, we watched a couple of movies, played some games, made a couple of pit-stops and it was time for dinner and sleep again.

The original plan was to drive straight through (about 16 hours) but at around 10pm, DH was fading somewhat so we decided to just find a convenient motel near the motorway and stop for the night. Kids were already asleep, so the transition was fairly easy and we all managed to get a good nights rest.

Had breakfast and back on the road. Lunch in a small village, a couple of pit stops along the way and before we knew it, we were there ! No dramas, no tantrums… Phew !

We stayed at one of the ski stations nearest the top of the mountains so the view was absolutely incredible (although, I have to say that the winding road did taint the enjoyment somewhat…).

Glorious sunshine. Beautiful house. Fresh Air. Breathtaking views. Bright Blue skies. The holiday was about to begin.

Task 1: Fill the fridge with local delicacies + get some good french wine.

Task 2: Get an “activity” card, which gives access to the ski-lifts, ice-skating rink, play grounds, swimming pool and  range of other activities. €36/ 5 days. Kids under 5 go free. Great value.

Task 3: Enjoy.

During the 5 days we spent there. We hiked. We played mini-golf. We fished. We swam. We watched ice-hockey. We climbed. We bowled and we ate LOTS of fantastic food.  LOs learnt to ice-skate. LOs went on trampoline. LOs played in numerous playgrounds.  LOs picked wild flowers and berries. LOs collected pine cones.  LOs had endless fun.

Highly recommended. *****

Find out more about Courchevel here.


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