5 Minute Making – Fun Snow Globes

Although the LOs love making things and are generally quite crafty, they just so rarely have time to do it now, when they have started school. After school, they have activities most days and most weekends we have either chores to do or we are away.

However, i do still try and squeeze in a little bit of making time with them as often I can.

As we don’t have much time, it is essential that it is an easy project and that it is relatively mess-free. We don’t want to spend all our quality making-time tidying up, do we ?

Here is a simple idea that i love, first because it makes use of some of their little “collectables” that they have collected but never play with, second because i get to use some of the jars that i have collected over time (DH will be pleased, as they are hogging up quite a lot of cupboard space). Third because it is so very simple and fun.


1, Find a small plastic toy that is no longer played with. Glue it to  some sort of a bas to raise it up a little and become more visible in the jar. I could not find anything suitable in kids toy boxes, so used some tea-light holders.

2, Super glue the base and the toy in place on the inside of lid.

3. Fill the jar with some glitter and sparkles. I find that the smaller/lighter the glitter is, the better as it stays afloat for a longer. Top up the jar with some still mineral water or cooled down boiled filter water.

4. put plenty of super glue on the lid and along the rim of the jar. Close and seal.

5. Wait a few seconds. Turn upside down and you have a home made snow-globe.

Note: Please make sure you help your little ones with the super glue, to avoid little fingers getting stuck together.

The LOs put theirs on their bathroom shelf but with Christmas looming, why not make some themed ones for your festive table setting ? Have fun !


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