What Do You Think of Gender Specific Toys ?



Every year, i have the same dilemma and the older the kids get, the harder it becomes.

A little bit of background for those that don’t know me. My boy/girl twins were born almost 6 years ago (wow… that’s gone quick) and I insisted on raising them as gender neutrally as I possibly could when they were little. Disney princesses, pink for girl-blue for boy, super heroes …. they were pretty much non-existent in our home at all. They both cooked with me, played with dolls, built lego …. but one day it all changed.

One day when DS was a bit over 1 year old, he decided that he loved cars and DD decided all she wanted to do was looking after her “babies”. And so be it, i can’t change their natural behaviour  (or it is nurtured ?).

Anyway, now coming to the end of their 5th year in this highly commercialised world, all DD wants for her birthday are make-up sets, pink castles, and Barbies and all DS wants are hot wheels, play-mobiles and video games !

How does this happen ?! I am not very much of a girlie girl (i am very much a hands-on, jeans and t-shirt kind of girl) and their dad (who i would say is very metro sexual) is not very much of a macho man but still, this is what they want and this is what they choose to believe are “true” to their gender.

Age 1, easy to instil some sort of gender neutral environment. Age 2, still easy. Age 3, becoming tricky. Age 4, getting trickier. Age 5, getting difficult.

Although, I believe that it is wrong trying to slot into gender specific roles (perhaps because i was raised in Sweden, one of the most “equal” societies in the world), I still feel that i can’t fight it. If this is what the kids want, I have to respect that. I guess I just have to balance it all out by nurturing them to also appreciate and do things that’s not necessarily seen as typical boyish/girlish. Right ?

So, Princess castle cake and Barbies for DD and train cake and hot wheels for DS it is ?!

Ps. have you every tried looking for gender neutral PJ’s for kids ? It is almost impossible !

How do you feel about this issue ? Does it ever bother you ?


2 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Gender Specific Toys ?

  1. We’re still managing a majority neutral house. We don’t watch tv so they don’t get the advertising gender-wash which helps. For PJs – Juicytots all the way. We love their Hatley & Maxomorra – both wash and wear very well x

  2. We don’t watch TV very often but yes, it is amazing how advertising blitzes straight into their little brains and once DD discovered this thing called disney princesses, it was all over. 😦

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