Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

Just over 5 weeks until Christmas ! Wow ! Can’t really believe it…. Where did the year go?!

Usually,we go away for Christmas but this year we decided to host a little Christmas gathering at home … meaning buying and wrapping lots of presents !

Wanting to make our tree beautiful and special, i set off looking for some creative gift wrapping ideas to help inspire me and the kids. The thought of a beautiful tree with lots of beautifully wrapped gifts under (almost) makes me wish Christmas was coming sooner !

Kids are turning 6 years in December, so they are now old enough to help me make tags and wrap the gifts . Can’t wait. Will be so much fun. But first, we need to go Christmas shopping …. Sigh *

Here are some simple, creative, and fun ideas that we came across.

Simple gift wrapping ideas

See our Pinterest board for instructions, more ideas and credits.

* Old newspapers and magazines are brilliant for wrapping presents in ! It all ends up in the bin a few minutes later anyway …. Better for the environment and certainly better for the wallet ! See Pinterest board for ideas.


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