Making a Magic Wand

Making a Magic Wand

We all know that crafting, making things and generally being creative with our kids is great for them but we all also know that finding time to do so is sometimes a real struggle.

However, i have decided that from now on, i will try and make a real effort to do so.

It won’t be anything too elaborate for now as the LOs are still relatively restless and can’t sit still for too long. Half an hour is about how long they can focus. The projects may not even be amazing (well, in my eyes they will be of course …) but what really matters is that we regularly spend time together to create and to have fun together.

Here is out first project: A magic wand.

1, First, i got DD to draw a the shape she wanted on a piece of paper which she then carefully cut out.

2, Then she pinned it onto 2 pieces of felt (that i have had for ages and never got around to using), which she then cut out.

3, Next step is to decorate the shapes with various things we could find ie. buttons, felt shapes etc.

4, Cut a few pieces of ribbon. Can be pieces of fabrics, trimmings etc. or what ever you can find.

5, Glue the 2 pieces of felt together , with the ribbons and a wooden chopstick sandwiched in between.

Et viola, a magic wand made with love in less than 20 mins  !

If you have made something similar, please feel free to share a link below.


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