Going Glamping

Been wanting to go away on a break with the kids for some time but haven’t really had the chance or time to, as it has been madly busy here at Monsters and Munchkins HQ ( everything top secret at the moment but all will be revealed in time…). Looked at quite a few options and remained undecided for ages but in the end, we decided to do something a little bit different (for us) and fairly local. We settled for a glamping option in Sussex….despite the weather forecasts.

Glad we did, as the weather turned out reasonably ok in the end. It was very windy, as noticed when we went to Camber sands and could hardly walk due to the strong wind , but sunny. We had a lovely time in our yurts (www.barefootyurts.co.uk), playing games, collecting sticks, making fires, barbecuing and generally spending time together.

It was very relaxing and seemed so far away from home …. but only took us 1,5 hour to get to. Perfect.

Ps. We also stopped at nearby Rye for some vintage shopping and cream tea. Lovely.


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