Jake’s Surprise – Carrot, Avocado and Satsuma Salad

During our weekly grocery shopping, DS excitedly announced ” I am going to get some ingredients to make a salad for you Mummy.”

Then he went on to tell me that I had to sit and work by my computer when we get home and he will surprise me. “OK”, I said. And he went off to select the ingredients.

And as per ordered by DS, I sat down and worked by my computer when we got home and he went on to make my salad …. under supervision by DH.

This is what he came up with ! All done by himself and with a tiny bit of assistance by DD. What a nice surprise ! Not only was it edible , as you really never know when they decide to experiment with food what may happen, but it was actually really nice. Well done kids.


3 small carrots, grated (DH washed and cut top of carrot off)

1/2 advocado, cut (DH cut advocado in half and removed stone)

1 small Satsuma, peeled and segmented

Note:  I try not to interfere when the LOs are cooking but  perhaps when/if DS makes this again, I’ll suggest that he dress it with some freshly squeezed lime juice, olive oil and a few flat-leaf parsley… As discovered by DD, this salad is rather quite nice if you add a bit of cottage cheese on top.

Soon, they will be able to make their own school lunches ! 🙂


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