Creating A Book With Kids Artwork



Every other day, when we pick up the children from their nursery, we get passed a folder full of recent artwork and every other day I wonder; what do we do with all these precious pieces of random master pieces ? Occasionally, I go through them with the idea of throwing the not-so-good ones but more often than not, I end up keeping them all anyway.

I now have two A4 boxes in the kids bookcase, that I put them all in …. but these boxes are getting full ! So what now ?? Getting more boxes is out of question, as their room is already full to the bream of “stuff”.

And then I came across Plum Print ! Ingenious.

Ok, I must admit that the idea of scanning them all in and make a book with them has crossed my mind before but the truth is; when would I find the time to do that ?!

Plum Prints are based in US ( I have not managed to find a UK company that provides the same service yet) but accept international orders. All you have to do is, send in all the original artwork. Pay $85 -265 (depending on artwork quantity and additional text etc.) Wait for a few weeks and the book will arrive in the post, together all the original artwork. Couldn’t be any easier really.

Alternatively, if you have the time and patience, you could just scan or photograph them all and create your own book through one of the Snappy Snap websites.

Voila, no more guilt in throwing away your kids artwork, well at least less guilt …… and you will end up with a wonderful keepsake and gift.

Ps. If you would like to keep and display some of the best master-pieces. This Articulate Frame is a pretty good option.It has a slot on top, so you can easily change the artwork, with enough space to store a few pieces behind.


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