Sunday Arts Project – Toys and Crayon Painting

What you need:

Scrap pieces of wax crayons

A whole bunch of small toys and things that your kids collect but never really play with, /junk/trinkets….. stuff.


Hair Drier

1, Find all broken crayons. Peel paper off crayons.

2, Glue crayons on canvas. Can be random, can be in a shape.

3, Give kids a bowl/basket and ask them to go on a “treasure” hunt in their rooms. Find things that they like but no longer play.

4, Glue “treasures” on canvas. Smaller objects are preferred, as kids can use normal PVA glue, rather than stronger ones, which wouldn’t be as suitable for little people.

5, Let it all dry.

6, The most fun part can now begin. Set hairdryer on warmest setting and start melting the crayons down. Use the hairdryer to control the flow of paint…..if you can.

Voila. A personal masterpiece, a fun afternoon and slightly less junk in kids rooms.


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