Latest Craze – Skateboarding


There is a bit of a skateboarding craze going on amongst the older kids at nursery at the moment, where many parents take their LOs to local skatepark instead of local playground, usually early in the morning or right after nursery ie. when the big kids are less likely to be around.

Yesterday, we finally gave in and got our LOs their first skateboard. We went for a 29″ board, rather than the mini versions, as we were told that it would be both a safer and a better/easier ride.

We went to Slick Willies for our board but Rawk has also got a good selection.

After watching a few how-to-skateboard movies on YouTube for the basics, protective gear on, a bit of practice outside of our house and we are ready to head to our local skate park.

There are quite a few nice skateparks around London. Find your nearest skatepark here.

This shall be interesting …….


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