Happy Chinese New Year – Lantern Making

Happy Chinese New Year !

Today is the beginning of the year of the Dragon. Was briefly contemplating making some dragons with the Los but with quite a hectic schedule, I decided to go for something a little more basic.

Materials needed:

Scissors, glue/tape/stapler-whatever you prefer, coloured paper and a piece of string.

Fold rectangular paper in the middle.

Make a series of cuts along the fold line towards top, stopping about 2 cm short.

Unfold paper. glue/staple/tape the 2 short sides together so it makes a cylinder.

Cut a small strip of paper, glue/tape/staple each end at top of cylinder to make the handle.

Voila. Done. Easy peasy.

Ps. When you have finished making the lanterns, hang them all on a piece of string. Fab for decorating shelves, door openings etc.

Also, why not try making little ones for decorating your Chinese New Year dinner tables or dishes ?


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