Pottery Workshop

There is a pottery workshop right next to the LOs nursery and for ages, they have been asking me to take them there and finally we made it to one of their monthly workshops today. The LO’s were so excited about the prospect of going there that they both (unfortunately) woke up early, so they wouldn’t miss it. It didn’t matter how many times I told them that it didn’t start until 1:30pm, which is after lunch… they just couldn’t wait.

Luckily, the workshop lived up to their expectations. The venue was nice. The group ranging from little ones like our LOs, through teens to adults. We were all given a block of clay at the beginning of the class and a very brief introduction and off we went creating whatever our hearts desired. There was plenty of tools, books and help on hand to get our creativity flowing. We also all had a turn on the wheel, which the LOs absolutely loved ! ( I will show you their work in a separate post).

There are quite a few pottery workshops dotted around London but the one we went to in Clapham have regular kids classes  and they also do kids parties. Seriously considering it for LOs upcoming birthday….

Highly recommended creative fun, especially now before Christmas time. We made a whole bunch simple Christmas decorations and gifts …


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