Extreme Knitting

I have always liked knitting but never really had the patience or the time for it but stumbled across (literally) some huge knitting needles at The Knitting and Stitching show, Alexander Palace yesterday that has re-ignited my love for knitting all over again.

I’d discovered Extreme Knitting, which is fun, quick and even (if you so wish it to be) “green”.

Armed with my big (not the biggest, as didn’t fancy carrying those on the bus) knitting needles, 1.5kg of remnant cashmere blanket yarn, I headed back to my in-laws to pick up the kids. I also bought a few other fun crafting things but will share them in a later blog.

I, very excitedly, showed my SIL my new discovery and started to knit … what a mistake !

The intended short visit ended up lasting several hours. Kids that I was supposed to pick up and bring home, ended up staying the night… simply because I literally couldn’t put the needles down. I moved from one chair to another and then to the floor and back to a chair, trying to find a comfortable place to knit. It was heavy and it was quite awkward, but I absolutely loved it !

The fast and stunning result is simply mind blowing … however, so was the excruciating pain that I had in my lower arms all night. But it was all worth it. What is a little bit of pain when you can make beautiful blanket in a few hours ?!

I have only got another half hour or so to go and then the knitting is done but should probably rest my poor arms a bit today. Can’t wait to show you the finished product and to start another project !

*Note. Commissions welcome. 🙂


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