Upcycling project – No Sew T-shirt Bag

Wet, windy and miserably cold day. No desire to go out whatsoever ! So what better way to spend the day than doing a little “project” with the LO’s.

1. Find an old t-shirt (small t-shirt makes small bag, big t-shirt makes big bag). Cut the sleeves off, just inside the seam.

2. Cut around the neck to make the bag opening. This could be round, square or any shape you fancy really. Just make sure it is big enough for you to put things into your bag and also, makes sure you do not make the straps (ie. the bit between arm-hole and neck-hole) too thin here.

3. Now cut 3 thin strips of fabrics from the cut-off sleeves. Try to cut lengths that are as long as possible. Pull them all out a bit.

4, Cut 3 evenly placed slits at the bottom of the t-shirt.

5, Thread a strip of fabric into each of the 3 sections at the bottom of the t-shirt, using a medium sized safety pin. Tie the ends together to form 3 gathered circles. Depending if you would like the strips to be hanging at the bottom of the bag or not, you can tie them on the outside or the inside of the bag. (This bit was a bit fiddly for DS’s little fingers so I had to help him with this step).

6, Et Voila, bag finished. Time to pack it with your favourite things.

Ps. You can also make the bag with only one piece string at the bottom but this would mean that the hole would be bigger than using three.If you would like to make it a bit more fancy, you could decorate it with embellishments, buttons etc. Have fun and enjoy.

Here is picture of DD’s bag with her baby Kangaroo inside. Left strings hanging at the bottom and added a couple of decorative ties.

Thank you Do Stuff Blog for sharing this. It was such a fun and easy project that the LO’s managed almost entirely by themselves.


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