Out and About in London – South Bank Beach

Longing for the beach but stuck in London ?? You should head down to South Bank ! Ok, it is not really what you had in mind but still, better than nothing, right ?!

And actually, the LOs didn’t seem to notice the difference at all…………

As part of Festival of Britain’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the South Bank has created a fabulous beach for everyone to enjoy right on their terrace ! Tonnes of fine white sand ( a whole stretch of 70 metres !!) , buckets, spades and even some lovely beach huts ….. one would almost be forgiven for mistaking it to be a real beach, especially with all the sea-gulls flying over-head and boats passing by !

If you get bored of playing on the beach, you could go and visit one of the 14 artist commissioned beach huts for a spot of shopping and a snack. Fish and Chips or maybe a Mr.Whippy ? From there, you may want to take a stroll down towards the new bandstand on Southbank Centre Square for some live music or maybe take a walk through a re-imagined landscape of the British countryside, complete with a giant straw fox and water fountains or the vintage inspired funfair ?

The Southbank centre will,  throughout the summer, have a whole bunch of fun family activities as well as more adult events.

Check out there website to find out more.

Enjoy and see you down the beach !

Have you been there yet ? What did you think ? !

Ps. As you are there, you (or at least the LOs) should have a go inside the interactive fountain on the upper terrace and DON’T forget to bring a change of clothing because you/they will get soaked !


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