Puppet Theatre Barge, Little Venice

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We have by now, after a couple of weeks off school, exhausted all local play-grounds, parks and museums so I decided to take the LOs to do something a little bit different.

After a quick browse through Time-out, we (I) settled for the Puppet Theatre barge in Little Venice.

It is quite far away but nearest of all the children’s theatres I managed to find, also I quite liked the idea of it being on a barge …. AND DS has been asking me to take him to a puppet show for ages. Seemed like the perfect thing.

Puppet Theatre Barge  is what the name suggests, a barge with a puppet theatre, with seats for 55 people and a small refreshment area. The Puppet Theatre Barge had her first performance back in 1982 and has since then been running puppet shows throughout the year .

It is supposed to be a very unique experience for both kids and adults. The barge does occasionally move to other locations during the year but is at the moment moored in Little Venice, just a few minutes walk away from Warwick Avenue underground station. See website to find out more.

Lo’s really enjoyed the show (Breer Rabbit -watch trailer here) which lasted about an hour , incl. 10 mins interval,  and managed to stay reasonably still  almost through the entire show. Would have been good if I had a lollipop or something to keep them still through the most fidgety moments though ….

Most shows are child friendly but best to check what age they are suitable from, to make sure. See what’s on here.

After the show, we had a wander around Little Venice  to look at the barges moored there and around the park. Nice day out.


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