Age of The Dinosaur – Natural History Museum

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Exhibition: Age of The Dinosaur

Location: Natural History Museum.

Date: 22 April – 11 September 2011.

Verdict: Good Exhibition. Quite informative (if you don’t have to run after little toddlers as I had to and spend some time reading everything … ). Much more interactive than the regular exhibition.  Was a bit disappointed with the size of the exhibition, thought it was going to be bigger. Luckily, kids under 4 go free.

My LO’s ( a bit over 3)  loved the animation and the animatronic dinosaurs but was pretty hard to keep their attention for much more than that….. especially as you could hear the roars of the animatronic dinosaurs throughout the exhibition, so LO’s tended to just run through all other exhibits to get through to see them. Much more suitable for school children, although younger children will enjoy parts of it too. Was it worth the £10 adult/ £6 kids  entrance fee ? Not Sure. What do you think ?

In fact, after a quick snack in the cafe, kids begged me to take them to the permanent Dinosaur exhibition which they actually seemed to enjoy just as much, if not more…..

Tip: To avoid the huge queues at the main entrance, enter museum through side  (disabled/pram) entrance on exhibition road.

Check website to find out more.


One thought on “Age of The Dinosaur – Natural History Museum

  1. If you buy tickets for Age of the Dinosaur online or in the grounds (at Sensational Butterflies) you get fast-track entry past the queue at the Cromwell Road entrance.

    Thanks for the blog review!

    Ian (@NHM_MusMgr)

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