I Love Little Snogs

I had my book club (book discussed: Lost Horizon by James Hilton) meeting yesterday and left kids at home with DH. Dinner was prepared before leaving, just to make sure they (LO’s) got fed properly and to minimize any risks of disasters during the hours that I was away.

Dinner, bath and bed. Easy peasy, nothing could really go wrong…. apart from that DH decided to take them out for ice-cream after dinner, right before bed-time !!! What ?! What sensible parent would do that, I wondered ?! Anyway, DH insisted he only took them for a healthy treat … in fact, not an ice-cream as the kids told me at all. He took them to for Frozen Yogurt. Really ? DH claimed it was all fat-free and more importantly, sugar-free and on top of that they had fresh berries as topping. I went on-line to find out more.

Snog (as the brand is called) is dedicated to providing the healthiest and yummiest Frozen Yogurt around. And yes, apparently, it is all fat free but not only that, it is also high in protein, high in calcium, low GI-value (it is sweetened but only with agave nectar which is supposed to be good for you) and if you top it with fresh berries or fruits, it could count as your 5-a-day !!!

Sounds almost too good to be true , no ?! Especially now, when summer (or at least spring ) time has arrived and ice-cream is definitely on the LOs snack radar. This would definitely be a very good and a much healthier option than the normally sugar-packed ice-creams !

Ps. All their “naughty” toppings (chocolate, cookies, brownies etc.) are gluten-free !

Check out Snog’s website to find out more. Don’t you just love the name ??


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