Monsters and Munchkins Interior Design

With a passion and extensive knowledge of Interior Design, we have finally decided to launch Monsters and Munchkins Interior Design.  It will be an Interior Design service that specializes in Nurseries and Playrooms, with 3 different packages to suit different needs.

My husband and I started an interior design company together almost 10 years ago after working together for a couple of years but when I fell pregnant a few years ago, I made the decision to leave it in the good care of him alone as I knew that I wouldn’t be able to  meet the demanding schedule anymore, whilst caring for new-born twins.

However, being as restless as I am, I couldn’t just stay home and watch the little ones grow. I set up Monsters and Munchkins, which then later also led to the birth of Jakeandmaya.

The journey so far has been very exciting and an extremely steep learning curve. It has been exhausting but been so worth it in many ways. The business (and me personally) keep evolving and taking new shape. Each day we learn something new, we grow and we become stronger  …. and adding Interior Design to what Monsters and Munchkins has to offer feels like an exciting step forward and in a strange way, it feels like we are going full circle.

We have already got some amazing people on-board to work with us on creating unique and fun interior objects for your LO’s special rooms. I am so excited to get started ! To find out more, click here.


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