The Rosevine, Cornwall

For those that follow us on Twitter and Facebook, probably already know that we love The Rosevine. Went as a group of 3 families (5 adults, 5 kids).

6 Hours drive from London, with a couple of pit-stops. If timed right (ie. naptimes and lunchtimes), not that bad at all.

Rooms beautiful, staff wonderful and all super family friendly and easy.

Once we arrived, baby-sitter was arranged within minutes, and kids dinners ordered. Kids all had their dinner together in one of our rooms and played until it was bed-time.

We big people were left to relax with a drink in the lounge, until our dinner was ready in the restaurant. Duck salad, scallops, sea-bass, steak, risotto, chicken terrine……. it was all amazing.

Morning 1. A refreshing swim in the heated swimming pool and then a hearty breakfast in the restaurant. Food was brilliant. Kids finished theirs and went off to the play-room whilst we (the big people) continued ours in peace. Bliss.

First destination, St. Ives. but only after some play-time in the lovely garden of course. Sun was shining, the sky was bright blue, as was the ocean….. It was great !

St. Ives : about 1h away from The Rosevine.
Once we arrived, we parked at Park Avenue car Park, just a few minutes away from the centre.
A short stroll and a bit of window shopping later, we arrived at the harbour.
Kids, beach, buckets, spades. They were happier than happy.
Lunch : Fish n’ Chips and ice cream.

Sun-soaked and happy, we headed back to hotel.

All kids ( + myself) napping all the way.

Dinner in our room after a quick swim. Grilled Chicken, mashed potatoes, chicken terrine, salad, apple crumble…..simple, basic and very nice. All was waiting in our room when we got back, pre-prepared by the restaurant’s kitchen. Early night for kids and husbands. Movie night in the lounge for mums.

Next was beach day.

Supposed to be just walk through the beach (Porth Curnick Beach, only a couple of minutes from hotel) to get over to Port Scatho but ended up staying a bit longer than planned.

Sun was beaming ! In fact, it was as hot as any British summers day. It was wonderful. Pretty much had the beach all to ourselves, apart from one or two other families that were there. Spotted some seals bobbing up and down.The more skeptical of us think they were ducks….

Glorious sunshine. Fantastic beach. Buckets. Spades. A bunch of happy kids. Life was good.

Found some wonderful rock pools along the way, filled with clear (very cold) water and living creatures. Spotted shrimps, crabs and even some fish in these beautiful “aquariums”.

From the rock-pools to our feeding station (the one and only pub in Port Scatho), along the scenic path , it took about 15-20 mins incl. a few trouser changing, flower picking and photo stops.

Pub pretty old and average looking but food was surprising good. Mussels/chips, moussaka/salad, sausage/mash, fish/chips… and all washed down with Cornish cider.


The one and only shop in the village, a small vintage gift shop across the road from the Pub, full of quaint crafts and wonderful vintage books, decorations and clothing. Set-up by 3 local crafts-women that also have a small studio there where they make some of their own products,as well as hold workshops.

After lunch, comes the much anticipated afternoon nap for everyone. We were all happily full and tired.

Afternoon movie in playroom, out-door play and lots of pretend play with the toys provided by The Rosevine.

It was all so amazingly easy ….. 4 toddlers and a baby can sometimes be quite stressful but not here … they were all too busy having fun and playing/exploring to cause trouble.

This place is such a pleasure to stay at with kids, they think of everything !

Whilstkids were in playroom playing, one of the staff approached us to take the kids dinner order in advance, to ensure kids would get their food shortly after we all got seated at restaurant. In that way, kids get to enjoy their dinner in our company while the big people then can continue to eat and chat long after kids finished and gone off back to playroom to enjoy one of the many DVDs and toys available.

Lastly, breakfast (again). This time and thereafter in our room… All 3 families together, all still in PJs. I love waking up, brewing coffee, cooking breakfast, so we decided to just get some breakfast food and have breakfast in one of our rooms in the mornings.

There was a little kitchenette in our room but to our disappointment, no hob…. we had 24 eggs and porridge to make ! So what to do …. use the microwave ?! None of us had really cooked in a microwave before but actually it worked quite well !

Porridge was just fine, as was the scrambled eggs (which strangely resembled the scrambled eggs provided on long-haul flights) but the boiled eggs…. we just couldn’t figure out a way to make them soft-boiled. My kids will only eat “dippy” egg and not interested in hard-boiled, so saved a lot of eggs there ! Loved breakfast time, it reminded me a bit of breakfasts after a big slumber party …

Here’s a link to how to boil a perfect egg in microwave, using foil…. Apparently it works but I was not brave enough to try it out (so do let me know how it goes if you do try it).  We all know how bad it is to put foil in the microwave, right ?!

The 4 days that we spent there went way too quickly. Could do with perhaps another few days… or weeks ! Will definitely come back again.

If you are looking for a short family vacation in the UK, I recommend that you try The Rosevine.

We paid £495 for a suite, incl. 1 dinner in restaurant and 1 dinner in the room (ie. 4 dishes from the deli menu). Worth every penny.

Ps. One last thing I should mention . Although Wi-Fi is good at The Rosevine, mobile phone signal is not. So, just bear this in mind if you are expecting important phone calls ! DH had to drive a couple of miles up the road to get good signals several times a day, to make sure there weren’t any urgent messages left on his phone.


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