Proud Mummy Moment

OMG, i am so happy and so proud ! I have just found out that DS has won his first photo competition !
It was a photo-competition organized by Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS), in conjunction with recent elephant parade event in London.
People were invited to take photos of Harapan, SOS’s gorgeous elephant during the parade and post their photos to SOS’s Facebook page.
Here is DS’s entry:

Here is me taking photo of DS taking his photo:

and here is what he won, an amazing painting to remind him of his favourite elephant by artist Rebecca Sutherland.

Congratulations DS. Mummy is very proud of you and who knows, maybe one day you will become a successful photographer and this would be a fab story to tell your friends….
ps. Do check out Sumatran Orangutans Society’s website to find out more about their work and learn more about orangutans. Here some cute short stories for under 7’s.
Thank you SOS, we love you ! x

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