>Baby Killed by Sling

Imagine how you would feel if your new-born baby dies in your arms….or in this case, in your sling !

A lot of you may already have heard in the the news (it was all over the national newspaper and radio today) that a baby of only 7 days died in a sling in May 2009. In fact, 3 babies’ deaths were linked to particular sling last year.

Infantito, who was the manufacturer of the “Sling Rider” has just today officially recalled over a million slings world-wide. However, they do not admit to having caused the death of the baby and is firm on the fact that all their products are safe to use.

There has been an on-going debate since this horrible accident whether it was caused by the mother or the carrier itself.

Some say it is due to the negligence of the mother and others claim that it is due to the faulty and un-safe design of the carrier. There has been comments like: babies shouldn’t be taken out at all before they are at least 2 months, the sling’s design is awful as it seems to restrict the breathing of the baby by pushing its head forward, Slings should never be used for new born as the only safe way to carry a child of that age is in the arms, This accident could have been avoided if the mother would have paid more attention to the child…. and so on and on.

In my opinion, one has to have a bit of common sense about this (raising a child in general…). Whatever product you use, you have to make sure that your child is safe by ALWAYS checking on her/him. There are always things can go wrong with even the safest products in the world. Even if you carried your child in your arms, which are supposedly the safest option, something can still go wrong….

Read this article and comments.

What do you think ? Baby carrier or Mother ?


3 thoughts on “>Baby Killed by Sling

  1. >I had no idea slings are not safety regulated as most baby products are…a new mom may not realize this sling is bad positioning for a baby…it looks nice and comfy and trendy….such a sad event.

  2. >For me I dont think any of us can argue its one side or the other. None of us know the facts, none of us know the mother. Personally thats exactly why I brought a sling for J and then never used it because when I tried it I felt it wasnt doing him any good whatsoever and I doubt I would use one next time around either.

  3. >It's so scary when something like this happens. (Newborn) Babies are so fragile and vulnerable and we really have to do everything we can to make sure they are safe … even then, it may not be enough. If we can't trust the safety regulations and tests performed, how do we then choose the best/safest products for our babies ? By only going with our own common sense and judgement ? But what if we really don't know…..

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