>House-hunting in Gloucestershire

>Like so many other people living in the city, I long to be living somewhere more peaceful and less stressful. I have been wanted to move out of London for years but somehow never managed to actually do it. There was always so many reasons to stay …. first of all, my work was here , then when I started my own company, I got pregnant and I wanted to be close to my doctor and then when LOs were born, I simply didn’t have time to worry about it … until now, when the LOs are almost 2 years old. Now I have so many reasons to want to leave London. More space (which is critical, as I work from home), better schools, less pollution, better quality of life for the kids etc.

We have been to Gloucestershire and surrounding areas several times in the past few months in hope of finding that “perfect” house but each time we left disappointed….and yesterday was no exception.

There was always something… either it was too expensive, or the house was not right, or when the house was right, the area was not great. We did find this wonderful farm that I would absolutely love to be living on … but then I found out that it is more than 3 hours drive/train journey in to London. It is a bit too far, as I do need to go to London every now and then for meetings etc.

I am confident we will find something soon but in the meanwhile, it is so time consuming and tiring…. but to pay someone to do the search for us is not an option as I want the satisfaction of finding our dream home by myself !

Ps. These house-hunting trips have been so very interesting. We’ve met so many interesting people out there…. people we would never have met otherwise. Met old toy collectors that own a a toy museum, CID who specializes in train fatalities (he mainly collects body-parts from the crime scene !!!), crystal healer that keeps Alpacas as a hobby, Farmer that makes wallpapers that cost more than £500 a roll… the list goes on.


6 thoughts on “>House-hunting in Gloucestershire

  1. >Thanks. Yes, going back and forth is a bit tiring but at least for now PILs are still happy looking after LOs when we go. First couple of times we went, we took LOs with us …. was NOT fun (lots of screaming and lots of tears).

  2. >Why Gloucestershire? Have a look along the midland mainline route, northamptonshire, south Leicestershire. Where we are is in the depths of the countryside. Fab school and oodles of space by only 50 mins to London by train. Faster than Nat can get into town from the south coast. Biggest downside…. no seaside for miles around xx

  3. >I don't know North Hamptonshire at all… any suggestions of nice/quaint market towns I should look into ? This house-hunting thing is "never-ending" !

  4. >Hi there! I've just discovered your blog and it seems we have a bit in common – I live with my partner and little girl in flat in London, but we're looking to make the move back to his hometown in Devon. Haven't gotten as far as house hunting yet, but we plan to start looking next year, which I'm equal parts excited and nervous about! Can't wait to have more space, a back yard, and a proper dining table (the novelty of eating off our laps in the lounge has reeeeeeally worn off now) but will miss the convenience of living in the city. Am following you now, so will look forward to hearing more about your search! 🙂

  5. >thanks for following :-)We've been house-hunting for quite some time now but as the LOs are getting older, it is becoming increasingly urgent. Taking a drive to Norfolk tomorrow… maybe we find something there ! Will see… Good luck with your search when you start ! x

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