>Inspiration From the Affordable Artfair

>I love to paint, draw and create with my little ones …. but sometimes/quite often I just run out of ideas (especially when I have a lot of work on or if I am feeling a bit tired).

Occasionally, I look up projects online but what I love doing is taking the little ones to galleries and exhibitions, where we can all just walk around and enjoy other people’s work and get inspired. They may still be a bit young to fully appreciate it but It is never too early to get started.

Here are a few inspirational art-pieces that I found at the Affordable Art-fair in Battersea Park today:
Simple ideas, a splash of colour, basic materials and tons of creativity. Happy art-making !

Ps. For those that haven’t been to The Affordable
Art-fair, it is a great place to take kids as they have various learning centres where they teach different things like sculpting, print-making etc. There is even relaxation areas for the little ones to rest, if they get tired from being creative.

Send me an image of your children’s artwork, and I will share it with everyone on here.

First five to e-mail me at info@monstersandmunchkins.com will receive a lovely cut-out by Alasdair Wallace.


2 thoughts on “>Inspiration From the Affordable Artfair

  1. >Great, you should 🙂 as you never know what you will find there ! It seems to be getting better each year, so hopefully next years will be better than ever !

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