>Ghostly echoes of a troubled past

I love living in Central London. I love all the buzz and excitement around me. There are so many things to do and places to visit. It is all great but… as the little ones are getting a bit older (louder, more mobile, more demanding, messier….), I am craving a bit more space and would like a huge garden for the little ones and our dogs to run around and play in. So we’ve been house-hunting for a country home in Gloucestershire, well-known for its picturesque villages and fabulous schools.

We’ve been driving up and down there looking for houses regularly for over a year. It has been very tiring but also very interesting exploring the different areas and visiting the wonderful villages.
We’ve seen some lovely houses but there has always been something that was not right… but then we finally found the “perfect” house on our last trip !

The house is within a gated development of 18 or so houses, built on 5 acres of land. All beautifully restored and landscaped. Both DH and I fell in love with this place. It was truly amazing ! We could so imagine living there ! The house was absolutely gorgeous, the views stunning and it was in Painswick, one of our favourite villages in Cotswolds. They also have some of the countries best schools around there. It was perfect !

So, off we went home, very happy about finding “our” new home but this happiness did not last long…
As we got home, I googled the development to find out more about it and I came across the most disturbing story about this development. I now feel very torn…. should we or should we not make an offer. What would you do ?

Read this (if you dare) and let me know what you would do .


2 thoughts on “>Ghostly echoes of a troubled past

  1. >Thank you so much ! :-)Spoke to my nanny about the house earlier, she seems to believe that children are extra sensitive to children spirits and may even end up playing together….. Hm, really not sure if I would want that !

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