Shopping for kids in Tokyo

Here are a few pics I took during my shopping trips for children’s stuff. I must say that shopping for kids in Tokyo is rather interesting. Very diverse. Very cool and there is a lot of places to go to…. if you know where to go, as they tend to be rather “hidden”. I got rather confused (and tired) during these trips and most of the shops blurred into one… the few shop names that come to mind: Beams , Re-style, Bape Kids, Caramel, Cocca, Takashimaya, Over the Stripes, Coeur, Illums Kids…

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3 thoughts on “Shopping for kids in Tokyo

  1. >Oh wow! I wish i'd been with you! those shops looked full of wonderful things! :-)I love 'Bathing Ape' (Bape) they sell the Funkiest things for kids & adults! My boys want the Hoodies! but they're So expensive!I hope you bought some wonderful one off finds for Jake & Maya!(next time you fly.. I'm hiding in your suitcase! hehe!)xxx

  2. >Yes, I do like Bape too but didn't get anything from there this time. Instead I got some stuff from Hysterics Glamour, another cool Japanese brand.

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