>Quality Time Together Finally

>With Monsters and Munchkin‘s summer sale sorted out and Jakeandmaya properly launched, I finally managed to find some quality time to spend with the family today.

But I spent too much time having fun, leaving no time to blog so I will just post some pics to show you what we have been up to.

1, Bluebird, Kings Road. One of the only places to have lunch outside in Chelsea, London. OK menu, reasonably child-friendly. The “Easi-grass” almost makes you forget that you are by a busy road in the middle of London…. DD loves taking her baby there for lunch.

2, Baby Loves Disco, Southbank Centre. Hilariously fun… but not sure the kids enjoy it more or the adults ! The little ones did some funky moves though…. Ps. Spot the silver leggings in the pic. Cool disco baby or what ?!

3, My boy cruising the “club”. Slightly worrying….

4, Ping-Pong, Southbank. Little ones first dim-sum. Yum Yum. Char-Sui bun was their favourite by far !

Oh, almost forgot the Juggling-in-a-box”. Not really sure what to make of it but the little ones thought it was great !

I love the Southbank. There is always something fun going on there. Click here to find out whats on this summer.

Have fun !!!

ps. If you have any suggestions of fun summer activities, please share with us !


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