>Potty Training Tips Needed


Little ones almost 19 months and it is time to start considering potty training (sigh !).

My intention was to wait until they are a bit older, so they understand the concept of using the potty a bit more and then hopefully potty training would be a shorter process but DD has over the past couple of weeks signed to me “nr2” when she has soiled her nappy and “change nappy” on several ocassions so I think she may be ready …

The truth is, I have no idea how to start. Do I just leave a potty around for her to use at will ? Or do I put her in her potty in regular interval and just hope that one day she will actually do it in there, instead of in her nappy ? When do I stop her from wearing nappies ? So many questions ….

There are, I am sure, plenty of books out there about this subject but I never had to use any books to teach me how to look after my children but maybe this time, I really should get one ?

For once, since the little ones were born, I feel completely lost as to what to do and how to do.

So, if you have any advice/tricks at all, please do not hesitate to leave a comment for me. I would love to find out how you did it !!!


7 thoughts on “>Potty Training Tips Needed

  1. >First off – I love the picture you used!I'd say start with two times each day (the same two times) putting her on the potty to try. Right when she wakes up is usually a good time to try. Once she gets the hang of those two times a day she may be ready to change from diapers to panties and go for it!

  2. >My son is 22 months. He tells me when he needs a nappy change, but only after the event. I'm dreading potty training and I'm putting it off. I've got some books out of the library but haven't opened them yet!Good luck!

  3. >Personally I think if you leave it a bit later it is much quicker as the kids have better control of their bladder/bowels & the language skills and comprehension to understand what it is you want them to do. I trained all mine at around 30 months and in under two weeks they were dry day and night.I would recommend this book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Potty-Training-Making-parenting-easier/dp/0091887569 as it explains the different stages of readiness ofr potty training and what to do at each stage. I found it really helpful.Also see http://www.bambinogoodies.co.uk/our-guide-topotty-training-on-the-go/Good luck!

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