>Being a WAHM

I am sorry that I haven’t managed to update my blog for a while. It has been incredibly hectic lately PLUS the weather has been very good, so have been out playing instead of working – beauty (and downfall) of being a WAHM.

Bubble London is fast approaching and there are still a million things to get finalized and done. It will get done but just have to make sure it gets done perfectly ! I am such a perfectionist that nothing gets decided unless I have gone through all options and made sure it is the perfect solution…. can be quite frustrating and tiring for people I work with but at least, I know final decision really is final.

Apart from getting Jakeandmaya ready, I have to also continue working on making sure Monsters and Munchkins is ok. Sourcing new stock and the marketing/PR side of things are all fun but so time consuming ! Currently organising some sales events around London, as well as some cool marketing strategies. Will keep you posted.

I really had no idea how much work starting a new online business and a new brand was going to involve when I decided to do it. I don’t regret it for a second but it is so hard to stay on top of everything PLUS looking after the little ones. 24 hours is simply not enough hours in a day !

This is a typical day.

8-9am – wake up/breakfast.
9-11am – playtime with kids (in between twittering and checking/organizing orders)
11-12.30 – kids napping. I make lunch and catch up on a bit of work.
12.30-1pm – lunchtime.
1-5pm – kids play (and I work if they let me) or if weather good, we go out and play.
4.30-6pm – afternoon nap (if I am lucky). I work, cook and breath…
6-7pm – dinner
7-9pm – kids play (and I work if they let me) then bath-time and bed.
9pm onwards – un-interrupted work (and twitter).

When our day looks like above, that’s when we are all the happiest but sometimes/often something un-expected needs to be done or happens, we just adapt and I have to make the most out of the after-9pm-hours for work.

Ps. Last week was terrible because sadly our dog got very ill and we had to spend a lot of time with her at hospital. The kids spent a lot of time at PIL’s and needless to say, their routine was very interrupted and they turned into such little monsters and I didn’t manage to get a thing done all week ! So this week, I will try and stay home with them as much as possible, to get them back on track … and hopefully get myself back on track too !

Finally, must mention lovely DH in all this, who is always there when help (or a cuddle) is needed. Bless him !

Interested to know how other WAHMs organise their days !


6 thoughts on “>Being a WAHM

  1. >I know how you feel sometimes. Working at home is fantastic as it lets you be home with the kids but at the same time it is unbelieveably hard some days to juggle the work!I wouldnt change it though! I love my job, just wish as you do that there were more hours in the day!Keep up the good work ~ fellow WAHM :0)

  2. >Thanks for posting! I always love to hear how other moms do it. The days can be long and tiring, but the fact that I get to stay home with the little one and be an illustrator (when time permits) is definitely the best of both worlds!

  3. >I just had to comment on this one. I loved the honesty of your post. So many of us WAHMs find it nearly impossible to get everything done that we need to. Planning using a system catered to WAHMs allows me to grow my business and reclaim some of those precious free hours to rejuvenate and spend time with my children. If I didn't plan, I never would have been able to accomplish what I have!Thanks for the post–your children are adorable!

  4. >Now that's one really fantastic thing about having twins, your kids have someone to play with if you are working in the daytime. I always feel guilty that my dd2 is pottering about on her own, so can't get much done in the daytime. I am looking forward to her starting playgroup in September so I can get two guilt free mornings.

  5. >Yes, i constantly tell people this: I don't think I could manage to work at home,had I not had twins ! Most people (single child parents mainly) tend to think I am joking but it is so true, as if I only had one child, I would be "obliged" to be the entertainer all day but with the 2 of them entertaining each other, I have quite a lot of free time (relatively speaking).

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