>Battersea Park Zoo

>Spring is finally here and the sun is shining like never before (since last spring) ! Heaps of work to do but don’t feel like doing any of it. Just want to go out and enjoy myself with the little ones! This beautiful weather can be gone in no time, so better make the most out of it now.

We live near Battersea park but have
never been to the zoo there so decided we will give it a go today.
It was actually quite nice ! Ok, it was not as good as London Zoo but I think it was a very good first zoo experience for the little ones ! It was just big enough for us to easily get around, without too much hassle and best of all (I think the little ones would agree) they had a great playground there. The playground was more aimed at older children but it was still fun for them to be there and just run around, or in my DS’s case play with the wood chips on the ground.

Not sure if it is like this every day but it was pleasantly
quiet when we got there, around mid-morning. It was just lovely being able to have a leisurely walk around, looking at the various animals without too many screaming children around. Although, my DS did throw a couple tantrums …. but thats another story ( I believe some kind of alien may have taken him away a couple of days ago and replaced him with the monster that he now is).
Crazy monkeys, smelly sheep, noisy birds and fat rabbits (a whopping 5.6kg !!!) …. I recommend it. Definitely a nice way to spend a few sunny hours.
Have a look at their website to find out more.

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