>Breastfeeding While Driving

>Imagine this: You are having a hectic morning. Running late for the schoolrun. Your young baby is fussing, making you even more late. After a lot of effort, you manage to get everyone into the car and your are finally on your way. Suddenly, baby who is in a car-seat next to you starts to scream and just wont stop. She is hungry. What do you do ?

I am guessing that most mothers’ instinct would be to feed the baby, to make her stop screaming. Do you unbuckle your baby from her car-seat and breastfeed her whilst driving (you don’t want to be even later than you already are) ?

Apparently, this is exactly what a woman in Ohio did earlier this week.
She was caught after another motorist noticed what she was doing and called the police. The woman admitted when she was caught that she was breast-feeding whilst driving and simply said that she did not want her child to go hungry !
Not only was she breast-feeding whilst driving but she was also on the phone at the same time AND she was trying to control several other children in the car. Talk about multi-tasking ! She faces up to 180 days in jail, if convicted for endangering her children’s lives.


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