Infant Boy Clothing-Toffeemoon

I was trying to source some more infant boy clothing for the shop today. It really wasn’t that easy. Finding infant girls clothing is far easier. There is an abundance of pretty tops, dresses etc. for baby girls.

Luckily, we already have some great suppliers of infant boy clothing in store. One of my favourite brands is Toffeemoon.

Toffeemoon was established in 2007 by two lovely ladies in Manchester. Their motivation behind the brand is to create something that was beautiful, yet understated.
The idea is to create comfortable clothing that is a combination of sleepsuit and daywear.
Each piece, with its intricate details, can be worn on its own or combined to create the most gorgeous outfits.
Precious, practical, soft and comfortable are the best words used to describe Toffeemoon’s infant clothing.
To check out Toffemoons collection in our store click here.
If you have any suggestions of other brands with infant boy clothing worth looking into, please let me know !

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