>Riverford – Organic Food Delivered to Your Door


It’s Saturday.

How exciting, it is food delivery day ! I always look forward to this day.

DH discovered Riverford a few months ago and now we get most of our groceries from them. Fantastic, no more pushing a double buggy whilst trying to carry the shopping basket and no more running out of food in the fridge, due to lack of time to go shopping AND it works out cheaper than buying from the local supermarket!
Riverford is an organic food delivery company that sources mostly from farms in Devon.
Occasionally, they do also include organic produce from fair trade farms in other countries, like today we received a delicious pineapple from Togo.
They have a rather extensive list of produce that you can pick from online or alternatively, you can just get one of their boxes (ie. fruit-box, meat-box or vegetable-box). We usually get one of each of these boxes every week plus some additional extras, like cheese, eggs etc every other week.
Since we started getting our food from Riverford, I have found cooking a lot more fun because I now have all these superb ingredients to be creative with. Each week, the boxes are different, which means that each week I get to try and invent new dishes. There is also a great newsletter containing relevant recipes each week that you can get inspired by.
Check out http://www.riverford.co.uk for their products and recipes. There is even a small section of recipes for babies and toddlers.

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