The journey begins …

Time flies when one is having fun ! The little people (ie. my twins) are already 14 months old and walking ! I remember when they were just born….
I guess, thinking back, we have actually done quite a few things in the past 14 months. Firstly, we survived the first couple of months together, then we went on a round-the-world trip for 3 months. Then when we got back, we went to start a new business.
About the traveling, it was truly amazing. Some people would tell us that we were nuts, going on such a long trip with young twins (they were 9 months old). To tell you the truth, it wasn’t always easy but it was amazing and totally worth it ! We, the whole family, just had to learn to deal with situations as they arose and eventually we got “used to it”. The bigger problem was being back home.
My little “Monster and Munchkin” were now used to constant stimulation and eating exciting food at cool restaurants at every meal. So, I had to very quickly learn to find ways to keep them busy, as well as cooking meals that they/us all would enjoy eating.

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